Boeing 777 Crash San Francisco

I would have early speculation of fuel starvation; with the weather being clear in a million.


YouTube Channel


After 146 days of launching, A Burleson In Blue, I wish to recognize and offer a sincere thank you to all my viewers, whom have made this milestone possible. The YouTube channel has been viewed in 108 of 196 known countries on the planet.

Thank you all for your continued interests and support of this personal project.


Coffee Roasting At Home




A step-by-step guided and detailed discussion of the procedures required to produce fresh roasted coffee at home with a personal home coffee roaster.


Pattaya Thailand KFC

FirsovF comments:

Нахрена ехать в Таиланд, что бы пожрать в KFC, я его дома никогда не ем. А там отличная местная кухня!

FirsovF translation:

F#@% go to Thailand, which would eat in KFC, I had never eat at home. And there is excellent local cuisine!

anthonyburleson response:

FirsovF, спасибо за ваши комментарии. При всем уважении, сэр, мы только что приехал в Таиланд и были голодны тут же на что-то знакомое. Мы имели возможность попробовать блюда местной кухни на некоторые из моих видео. Улыбнитесь 🙂

anthonyburleson translation:

FirsovF, thank you for your comments. With all due respect, sir, we just arrived in Thailand and were hungry right then and there for something familiar. We did have an opportunity to sample the local cuisine on some of my other videos. Smile 🙂


We’ll Truly Miss Donna Summer

We’ll always love and miss you @DonnaSummer. Your music, and vocals, are interwoven within the pure fabric of America. We honor you & Disco.


Post Super Moon Capture

Post date capture of Super Moon as seen on 07 May 12 @ 0040 hrs.