A Burleson In Blue (Trailer)

Welcome to my YouTube channel. A brief introduction, reflection, and glimpse into my career as Veteran; United States Air Force, Rated Officer, and Senior Pilot having flown T-37, T-38, KC-135A/R, T-1A, and C-17A Globemaster III aircraft.
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C-17A Starting Engines, and I am Late

I remember running to the jet with an arm full of Mink Blankets, and goods from Korea. The crew were starting engines in the C-17, and I couldn’t enter the restricted area without an escort. I was running late and knew I was in big trouble, but it wasn’t my takeoff. I just needed to get and sit in the jump seat. When I got on board, there were passengers and everybody waiting. They didn’t know, they were waiting for me, lol. The loadmasters started strapping down about five blankets and travel bags, suit cases I bought. And when I got on the flight deck, the instructor said the copilot was sick and couldn’t perform the takeoff. I needed to get in the seat to perform the takeoff for her, lol. When I saw her, she was bent at the waist and looked green. I knew I was really in trouble then, but I got in the seat and commenced to do my job. I was thinking on climb-out, not only was I late, but I got to grab a takeoff to boot, priceless 🙂 Not a word was ever spoken about it 🙂

T-1A Instructor Pilot ’00

T-1A Instructor Pilot

I taught mainly newly commissioned United States Air Force Officers in the Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training (SUPT) Program at Laughlin AFB, TX. However, the Air Force also has allocations for training students of many allied nations from around the world, sponsored by their respective governments.

KC-135 Flight Ops (Audio Remix)


A brief look at KC-135 flight operations and aircrew touring Pisa, Italy.

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KC-135 Flight Operations

Presenting your keepers of aerial refueling… extending the global reach of U.S. Power…for Deterrence…for Peace… in times past, at work and play. Can you tell the difference in either case? Reliving the glorious years…as Instructor Aircraft Commander of KC-135R during European Tanker Task Force “ETTF” Pisa, Italy.

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KC-135 Takeoff Departure

This was a copilot takeoff and departure of Howard AFB, Panama. Watch my landing from this sortie back to Robins AFB, GA here: http://youtu.be/Zsjbj_TF55M

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